We are a proud team of five French web enthusiasts.
With a project. And a vision... ;)

We said "vision". And therefore, with a point of view (not always the more mainstream one... but a relevant one, we hope).

We tend to be objective, but you know, we are humans after all... ;)

We hope you'll find some food for thoughts here, and if not, at least we'd have tried! ;)

Here is some insight of what you can find here:

  • Considerations on JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • UI, UX & product design: a cutting-edge bushido
  • Node.js tricks & jutsu
  • Development principles & unobtrusive project management
  • Building a large and scalable web application
  • Philosophical thoughts on technical things
  • Day-to-day life of a young Parisian startup
  • And more...